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September 20, 2011

Frank Ocean Overload

I recently made a post entitled Who Is Frank Ocean? because I felt that not everyone knew this kid's name and he is definitely an artist that I would like to see get some major shine.  Well, over the weekend, my younger sis exposed me to some more of his work off of his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape.  The first track I heard was Love Crime and I was immediately transported to a foreign realm with a new sound and style that I had never heard before.  I was drawn in by his melodic rhythms and socio-political subject matter discussing topics pertaining to drug use, love, broken hearts, bereavement, abortion, the institution of marriage in America, and human nature. 

I was amazed at Frank Ocean's maturity in sharing his insights in regards to the topics listed above.  To be so young, he really has a lot of deep thoughts to share.  Not only is the production spot on on this mixtape, but the music has a way of drawing you in and capturing your senses.  Although I cannot pinpoint his specific influences at this time, when I listen to Ocean's music, I hear a multitude of musical influences ranging from Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, all the way to Coldplay and Nirvana.  I could go on and on for days about how much I love Frank Ocean and what a great addition he could make to the music industry right now.  However, I would love for you to hear for yourself and become a fan on your own.

Here are some of my fav pics from the nostalgia, Ultra mixtape:

American Wedding

We All Try

Nature Feels

Track listing

1."StreetFighter"  0:22
2."Strawberry Swing"  3:55
3."Novacane"  5:03
4."We All Try"  2:52
5."Bitches Talkin' (Metal Gear Solid)"  0:22
6."Songs 4 Women"  4:13
7."Love Crimes"  4:00
8."GoldenEye"  0:18
9."There Will Be Tears"  3:15
10."Swim Good"  4:17
11."Dust"  2:31
12."American Wedding"  7:01
13."Soul Calibur"  0:18
14."Nature Feels"  3:14

I'm really looking forward to hearing new music from this cat.  Def Jam plans to re-release some of the tracks from Nostalgia, Ultra that will be called Nostalgia, Lite.  Please keep an eye out for Mr. Ocean because I'm predicting he's one of the NEXT TO BLOW!!!

More pics to get you better acquainted with this musical visionary:

What do you think of the tracks from Nostalgia, Ultra?
Are you surprised by the subject matter?
Who do you think are his musical influences?
Are you looking forward to hearing more material from Frank Ocean?

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