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August 21, 2012

Helpful Tips on Redesigning Your Home

I've recently embarked on redesigining my apartment and it has been both a fulfilling and arduous process.  Although I have yet to fully complete the entire project, I wanted to share some helpful tips along the way to inspire and encourage others that may be contemplating redecorating or are currently in the process of doing so.

First things first! You must have a vision for how you want your place to look, feel and be perceived before you start.  You can browse through home design magazines, search for looks online or mirror a look/feel that you've seen in a friend's home or on TV.  Whichever way you go, make sure that the picture that you are trying to portray fits your personality and is functional for your lifestyle.

I believe a great starting point is to go for the colors/paint that will set your intended mood for each room of your home.  The functionality of each room will help you determine the colors you want to set forth.  For instance, if its your bedroom, you might want colors that will make you feel relaxed.  Painting your bedroom bright yellow may not fair well when its time to go to sleep so keep in mind what colors bring about what moods.

Selecting the perftect color for your room can help jumpstart ideas for furniture, accessories and accents.  Let the color be the driving force along with the style you would like to encompass the room.

They say style is everything so be sure to select a design style that fits your personality.  Are you a modern chick or a vintage guy?  Do you like classic art or cultural offerings?  The style of your room/house should flow throughout so if you have your mind set on having a Japanese style bedroom, you might not want to feature classic/victorian style furniture and pieces in the living room.  Every room doesn't have to be the same, but the themes in each room should complement each other, just as the colors you choose for each room should as well.

French style furniture

Victorian Style Bedroom Set

Modern Style Bedroom

Modern Living Room
Barbie Dream Home Style

Asian Style Bedroom
Be Patient.
Once you've decided on your colors and style/theme, next you have to choose the furniture pieces and accents that will bring this vision to fruition.  There are all sorts of DIY (Do it yourself) projects that can be accomplished with the help of Home Depot or Lowes, as well as, self help guides on how to turn old and outdated pieces into something fresh, new and all your own.  If you are a handy DIY type of person, this should be reflected throughout your home and will give you a great sense of pride once it is completed.

Also remember, your perfect home will not be completed overnight.  It will take time and focus to find the right pieces for each room.  Most importantly, don't settle!!!  Choosing pieces out of convenience and not because they match your dream/vision of your new home is not the way to go.  If you have a certain piece in mind and can't find it in stores, don't give up.  Search online on furniture stores, craigslist and at Goodwills/furniure depots.  Allow yourself the time to find the right pieces and don't rush the process.  Eventually everything will all come together.

Its All in the Details.
Making your home all your own can be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do.  No piece, item or artifact is too small or insignificant to go unnoticed in the overall theme.  The trick to creating a beautiul style/decor in your home is focusing on the details.  There is no need to match everything to your wall color, but again, there must be continuity.  Accents like throws, pillows, picture frames, art, centerpieces, paintings, drapes, etc. are what brings the character into your space.  Contrasting colors that blend well, but also POP is what you want to focus on.  Be daring and brave and shun colors that are dull and boring.  Instead, let the color do the talking for you to create a look and feel all your own.  Your color pallettes should speak to your personality and style.  Let the color and details speak for you.


Ballin' on a Budget.
Redesigning/Decorating your home can be intimidating style wise and financially as well.  Don't let the price tags get you down or discouraged.  There are plenty of affordable furniture outlets that can give you the look and feel you want and not break the bank.  Besides, what's the point of sitting in a beautifully designed space and you're eating Top Ramen for a year.  Again, this is an issue of patience.  There is no rush to purchase all of your items at once.  Create a budget each month on what you have to spend on items and follow your plan.  It will take sacrifice, but the end result is all worth it.

Follow Your Heart.
In your excitement to celebrate your current progress, you might invite some family and friends over to take a look at the place.  Of course we want our guests to love our new space, but you shouldnt feel deterred if everyone isn't as geeked about your choices as you are.  Always remember, this is your space.  You will be the one living in the space so negative feedback should be taken with a grain of salt, unless of course, the feedback is coming from an interior design professional who's work you admire and trust.  This is your place, your vision and your hardwork...make it your own!!!!

Are you currently redecorating your home and found these tips helpful?
Do you have any design tips for the BornTooBlog readers?
Is there a design disaster story you would like to share?
Has this post influenced you to redecorate your home?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Season Finale

I know we are all heartbroken to see our favorite reality smash hit of the summer go, seemingly just as quick as it came.  It seems as though we were just getting to know the standout characters Stevie J, Scrappy, Mimi, Joseline, and K. Michelle, but the season has now come to a close and the only thing us fans have left is the reunion show that will be airing shortly.  These castmates have been taken through a whirlwind to say the least.

When the show first aired everyone seemed to hate Joseline and Stevie J and were feeling sorry for Mimi.  Now that the season has ended, perceptions and views have changed with bad boy Stevie winning the hearts of many men and women throughout the country.  Now don't get me wrong, Stevie is definitely not the type of character I would look to have a relationship with, but you gotta admit that the guy has personality and a strong magnetism.  I see the fellas on Twitter and Facebook every Monday chanting "Stevie J for President".  He is clearly a favorite amongst the bad boy/misogynistic minded men who have grown to love his swag and confidence, as well as, his ability to attract women and keep them coming back.  Contrary to the masses first feeling sorry for Mimi Faust, we are now somewhat "over" her victim role and I think in the end we might all agree that she is doing this to herself.

Karlie Redd and Benzino were definitely entertaining to watch.  To see Benzino, the alleged misogynist/lady killer show his soft, loving side was definitely an endearing surprise.  Karlie Redd seems like the only one losing in this situation as we have yet to hear any material from her or see her face outside of Vh1.  I think we're all wondering why is this chick so career-centered when no one has ever heard from her or seen her outside of the show.  It might be time to focus on other things than that career boo boo!

Lil' Scrappy and Erica have been through a lot, but I give them credit for airing out their feelings and differences with one another for the betterment of their child, Imani.  Mama Dee needs to permanently take a seat with her no spelling self, "B-I-C-T-H...and in that order". *sigh*  Her meddling and immature/ghetto advice to her son seems to have only hurt his chances at finding true love, which deep down, I think Scrappy really wants.  I won't cloud this season finale post with spoilers from blog sites speaking on what's going to happen on the reunion, but I'm sure we'll all be surprised to see what becomes of this couple.

Rasheeda and her husband Kirk have also been through a lot this season and I'm happy to see them renewing their vows and making the pledge to stay together no matter what in the end of the season.  I wish Rasheeda the best in her career and marriage and I still can't wait to hear her song, "Put it on 'em, make him wanna marry me" on the airwaves.  These two seem to have come out stronger than when they entered and hopefully they will achieve their goals of making Rasheeda a star.

K. Michelle really needs to stop crying and move forward.  I understand that it's probably very difficult to be in the public eye and your alleged abuser has moved on to a new woman and family and continues to deny your domestic violence reports, but what she needs to understand is the fans want to know who she is!!! Not the battered woman, nor the new artist that got screwed out of her deal, but a woman that is resilient, strong, and will fight for what she deserves and wants.  Like she said on the finale, "No more tears".

I can't lie, Joseline Hernandez' personality and swag has continued to grow on me since the beginning.  The girl has the gift of gab and an undrainable source of confidence and perseverance.  If she plays her cards right she might actually achieve her goal of never going back to the strip club.  Fans are still wondering if her and Stevie can put the b.s. aside and just work together, professionally.  Lets just say they both have their work cut out for them.

I don't know about my BornTooBlog readers, but I can't wait to see the finale and the tomfoolery that is sure to ensue.  I must give a big shout out to Mona Scott-Young for giving us our ratchet guilty pleasure and something to talk about throughout the summer.  The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast have definitely made a name for themselves in such a short time.  Now the challenge is to keep the fire going and to solidify themselves as genuine actors/celebrities/artists.  Only time will tell if this cast will revisit our homes, radio stations, social networks and give us more drama to laugh, talk and shake our heads to.

Are you happy with how things ended in the finale between Stevie J and Mimi?
Do you think Karlie Redd and Benzino were good for each other?
Do you think Lil' Scrappy and Erica can make it work for the sake of their child?
Have your views on Joseline Hernandez changed throughout the season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?
Should K. Michelle move on from the alleged abuse and focus more on her career?
Does Rasheeda have real potential as a music star if her husband Kirk backs off of her career?