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November 4, 2011

Ok, I Take It Back: Revisit to Post: "Just How Much Does Money Affect Relationships?"

I previously wrote a post entitled "Just How Much Does Money Affect Relationships???"  I got lots of feedback on and offline, but it was mostly from the fellas who felt that I wasn't seeing the issue from their perspective.  Well, here I am two months later, contemplating and rethinking a lot of the things I wrote in the post.  In the post I questioned the validity of some men's excuse for not wanting a relationship due to their lack of discretionary funds aka because they're broke!  By no means was I downplaying men who are struggling in this current negative financial climate, nor was it my intention to put anyone down or "male-bash" as some would call it.  I was simply questioning if this common excuse that women hear was really the case, and not what I believed to be a cop out.

After weeks of thinking about this post, speaking to people and experiencing things on my own I am now ready to admit that I see what the fellas were saying.  NO! Money is not everything, but it does afford a certain comfort and lifestyle that is elusive without it.  What really helped me see the light was understanding what role money plays in a relationship, outside of special occasions like birthdays and holidays.  I thought to myself, "Since money can't buy love, what can it actually buy?"  While pondering this I realized that money, or the lack thereof, could be a deal breaker in a relationship.  Case in point.  Money affords men to take us on dates, vacations, etc.  We all know that romance is what keeps relationships that have been going for awhile fresh and exciting.

Spending quality time outside of the home with the one you love can bring another level of intimacy that cannot be gained from cuddling on the couch watching movies.  The spark you both get when you look into each other's eyes over dinner, or hold each other's hands in the movies can do wonders for the sex life, and as I said earlier, keep things fresh and new.  I also realized, sitting at home with nothing to do due to a lack of funds can cause tension and staleness in a relationship.  Getting out together, enjoying each other's company in public, etc. can do wonders for a relationship that was once sizzling, but now seems to be fizzing out.

So for the first time in BornTooBlog history, I will say that I take back what I said and now understand the other side to my previous post, Just How Much Does Money Affect Relationships???.  I'm sure many men will be happy to witness this turn of events.  I will never declare that my views cannot be challenged nor that I can not be persuaded to the other side of the fence.  One of the main reasons I created this blog was for everyone to be able to share their ideas and insight on a variety of topics that they felt passionate about.  I am learning new things everyday and today, I am happy to say I learned this!

Do you think my change of heart was warranted?
Did you agree or disagree with my previous post?
How much do you think money affects relationships?
Has a women broke up with you because a lack of funds?

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