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January 23, 2012

Movie Review: Red Tails makes $19.1 Mil In The Box Office

I went to see Red Tails this weekend and I hope all of you did too being that Mr. George Lucas himself expressed his difficulty with getting an action movie, with an all black cast produced in Hollywood.  We all heard the shocking news that Hollywood all but black balled this film after telling Mr. Lucas that they did not know how to market a film of this nature and it would never make the money to deem it a success, in Hollywood film studio standards.  Telling George Lucas a WWII film about a special unit of Tuskegee Airmen that was a part of a military experiment to see if black soldiers could fly fighter jets in the war against Hitler and Germany would never sell overseas, nor produce enough DVD sales to make is profitable.

Well, thank God George Lucas believed in this cast of veteran actors such as Oscar winner, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Oscar nominee Terrance Howard, as well as, up and coming actors like Ne-Yo, Tristan Wilds and TV and movie vet Method Man.  Red Tails came in at #2 at the box office behind UnderWorld 4, which produced $25.4 mil this weekend.

Red Tails was a high energy, WWII movie that focused on a Tuskegee experiment that wanted to prove black men could fly fighter jets and actually be good at it.  Although this squadron was often given the most menial flying missions in the military, they took on every mission with pride and performed to a level of excellence that the U.S. military had ever seen.  They were approached with racism on every front, as their own fellow soldiers discriminated against them and constantly underestimated their abilities.

Amongst extreme criticism, being threatened of getting shut down by government higher ups, and substandard planes and machinery, the Red Tails ultimately prevailed and were and continue to be one of the most remarkable and exemplary military squadrons in United States history, with honors of the coveted 150 Distinguished Flying Crosses, Legions of Merit and the Red Star of Yugoslavia.  What the Red Tails were able to accomplish at that time, with all odds against them, has never been accomplished to this day, as they never lost an escorted bomber to enemy fighters, which is unheard of.

I applaud George Lucas for stepping out on faith and producing a large part of this film, out of his own pockets, to bring the world an inspirational story about fighting against all odds and winning the war against racism and discrimination.  In doing so, Lucas has afforded many young black males, positive heroic examples that they can look up to and be proud of, when all Hollywood ever wants to show is drug dealers, gang members and negative stereotypes of black people in films.  I also applaud the original Tuskegee Airmen that were a part of this initial experiment to see if black men could fly and become pilots. Their bravery and courage under fire is what the American Dream is all about.

Did you see the film this weekend?
If so, did you enjoy the movie?
Who do you think was the standout character in the film?
Did George Lucas and Director Anthony Hemmingway do the film justice?


  1. As a 20th Century Fox employee, I'm pretty sadden by the lack of Marketing, Promoting, Advertising our company has presented for this movie... If you've ever passed by our offices located on Motor Ave in Pico Blvd, we have large billboards out front advertising our upcoming films and TV Series. Not once did they change the billboards from the same ol American Idol, House,The Descendant(this movie been out for quite some time now), Napoleon Dynamite Series and etc to "RED TAILS" No Nothing!! But I bet now with being #2 in the box office, they will acknowledge this movie.

    Anyway the movie was great, my family truly enjoyed it. My 11 years old daughter said she wanted to cry when Lighting died...


  2. I did see the film, and extremely disappointed in its cinematic effort If it really took George Lucas 20years to produce such a Fiasco of African American History. No character development, tasteless dialogue along with acting, stretching of the truth and inverted embellishment of such a serious moment in WAR.. Flat out terrible, I can go on and on, but what should one expect with first time director: Anthony Hemmingway and Writers Aron Mcgruder/ John Ridely who were responsible for the Adult Swim Cartoon The Boondocks and piece of shit film Undercover Brother staring Eddie Griffin. Why you (George Lucas) would recruit Sketch Comedy artist and Writers to script such a Pivotal Moment in Black History is beyond me, but I do have a BRAIN, and have always paid strict attention to those attempting to Wash it.

    Im sorry Maya, but I really have to disagree with the room on this one. I really love to support my Black Actors/Directors and Writers when I know they will reap the benefits of my support. In this particular movie, they will not. GEORGE LUCAS from star wars acclaim and fame will be the only one doing so who happens to be of Anglo Saxon decent of course. He also put up the 58Million independent dollars to Executive Produce the film along with 20th Century Fox (whom I've worked for also). As I know you know from being a business woman yourself, that in business whoever puts up the most Capital, will be the one to recieve the most Profit. He puppet mastered the whole thing, and knew we as blacks would all go see the movie based on the shallow fact that there is an all Black Cast. (It was actually his Selling Point/Marketing Tool).

    When the movie went to Post Production that all Black Cast, Director and Writers were paid by him with out any consumer viewing the film yet. Furthermore due to Hollywood accounting their exist Net Points, and Gross Points. Hence Net Points are Box office bucks which will only go to LUCAS FILMS and 20th Century Fox. Gross Points are what big name actors like Denzel can negotiate or demand, based on it being (a percentage of some definition of gross revenue). None of those B List actors who accompanied each other in the film hold the weight to do the aforementioned. Terrance Howard whose last memorable role for Hustle and Flow should have said NO, along with Cuba Gooding, since they both are attempting revamp, re-establish and rekindle their careers.

    This movie is a Perfect example of how poor film making can hurt a very real and poignant story of bravery and overcoming the odds. It is also A GROSS MISREPRESENTATION and Portrayal of a Pivotal Point in African American History. Sadly disappointed in the Deliberate Scheme of Lucas and Hollywood at the Expense of BLACK DOLLARS.

  3. it was an enjoyable movie , i think anyone who went there looking for a deep plot or deep exploration of the black experience would be disappointed. it was fun movie and lots of action. not every black film has to be about "woe is us". i wouldnt say it was a great movie but i would say its good enough to be supported.. i hope more black films come out of different genres (action, mystery, thrillers) and hopefully thats what happens

  4. what a weak script. I want to get mad about the money wasted & the people behind-the-scenes who stood by & watched..... but what a badly written story. so sad for the real airmen, disappointed in aaron & john for writing that shallow plot & wondering if george is evil and/or crazy.... just goes to show you there are very few hollywood decision makers with blk skin & good sense.


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