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January 2, 2012

Entrepreneurial Spotlight: @SugarScoutCouture Spices Up Haute Couture Fashion At Something Old, Something New Boutique

My sister in fashion, my girl, my boo @SugarScoutC (C for Couture) definitely has one of the most chic boutiques in South Los Angeles and it is an absolute must for her to be my first Entrepreneurial Spotlight of 2012.  With a degree from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) and a reality star/IT GIRL following, she is quickly staking her claim to the burgeoning fashion scene in Los Angeles.  Kenya Kirkland aka Sugar Scout Couture recently setup shop on 76th and Western to give everyday fly chicks the ability to shop, convenient, and affordable at her boutique Something Old, Something New.  With a passion for fashion and a focus for flare, @SugarScoutC is my favorite go-to-stylist when I want a comfortable and affordable, yet also, chic and trendy look.

Not only does she feature cutting edge and trendy styles in her funky, fresh boutique, she also has dedicated a portion of the store Something Old, Something New to classic vintage duds that are truly one of a kind.  Something Old, Something New is a one-stop-shop for a fashionista on the go who wants to make a splash at her socialite appearances and doesn't want to be a trend clone on the fashion scene or break the bank in the process.  Whenever I wear her custom-made pieces from her handmade earrings and headpieces, to the cuffs and various other accessories, I always make a statement.

When you walk into the colorful store, you notice floor to ceiling tie-dyed denim dressing room curtains, the pages of Vogue, W & Bazaar adorning the red-brick walls, as well as music playing and the occasional glass of wine and/or champagne waiting to meet your acquaintance.  Something Old, Something New is my favorite store, which also features a plethora of accessories ranging from jewelry, scarves, shoes, handbags and even bedazzled bras and bustiers.  Whether you're looking for a unique pair of distressed and fabulous pair of denim shorts custom designed by @SugarScoutCouture herself, or a vintage look to call your own, or even a haute club fit from head-to-toe...Something Old, Something New is your spot!

Below are some sneak peak pics from a recent mag photo shoot highlighting Kenya:

Photoshoot Credits
Styling: @AshleyRamona
Makeup: @
Hair -
Here are some pics of yours truly, Maya Nichelle aka @BornTooBlog, rocking items and fits purchased from Something Old, Something New:
Custom headpiece by @SugarScoutCouture and spike bracelet from Something Old, Something New

Earrings by Sugar Scout Couture Collection

Earrings from SugarScoutCouture and blouse from Something Old, Something New

Birthday fit from Something Old, Something New
Kenya Kirkland aka Sugar Scout Couture features her custom line of jewelry at
Keep up with the latest fashion trends, shows and whats hot at her blog:
You can follow her on twitter at @SugarScoutC

More pics from the boutique:

Something Old, Something New Boutique: 7525 S. Western Ave B, Los Angeles, CA 90047

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