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February 25, 2011

Redemption Song: Diddy-Dirty Money feat. Chris Brown in Yesterday

So we all saw the tear-filled performance at the BET Awards where Chris Breezy broke down when trying to peform his MJ tribute, lol.  There were definitely mixed feelings on both sides (Team Rihanna vs. Team Breezy) on whether the tears were a publicity stunt or sincere.  Nevertheless, Chris Brown seemed to weasle his way back into our hearts (well, kinda) with his track Dueces, an undeniable hit.

Now Chris is back with Diddy-Dirty Money (Dawn and Kaleena) on their newly released video Yesterday on the Last Train to Paris.  Breezy is featured on two tracks on the Last Train To Paris, but Yesterday is by far my fav.  The track is slow, deliberate and emotional and speaks to a love lost and the regret that serves as the baggage.  Last Train To Paris is an electic and fast paced train ride that mixes a myriad of styles of music production and inspiration.

Whether you're on Team Rihanna or Team Chris or both, I urge you to drop that extra baggage, pull out your Diddy Beat headphones, and blast this track on the LAST TRAIN TO PARIS!

Check the video:

Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Chris Brown - Yesterday (Video)


  1. lol @ weasel his way back.....we live in a world that has a short memory. Where its about "what have you done for me lately'.I think thats a good thing especially when its in regards to an artist. Should we say an artist is wack because he beat up on women, or should we say an artist is wack based on the art. For some its hard to seperate the two.

  2. @TheUrbanReport...I totally agree! An artist's work should speak for itself and shouldn't be clouded by personal issues. It wasn't until the media and tabloids turned celebrities into modern-age "gods and goddesses" that personal business started to overshadow artistic work. We need to get back to the art.

  3. I agree as well. The same holds true with R. Kelly I can separate the man from the action. As I'm listening to the music I don't forget the nastiness. LOL


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