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June 19, 2012

Do Short Men Have More Confidence Than Tall Men?

I am a tall woman standing approximately 5'11 and I find that I am often greeted and courted by shorter men, much more often than I am by taller men.  You would think that it would be easy for me to find a 6+ footer, but it seems as though all I get approached by is shorter men.  A man recently asked me if short men approach me more than tall men and I definitely told him my experience proved that shorter men approach me more.  I asked him why is that and he explained that shorter men like a challenge.  They like the vote of confidence they get when they can pull or attract a taller woman.  He also explained that tall men don't go after tall women because they are not secure enough within themselves to handle a woman of that stature.  On the contrary, you would think that would be the answer for the shorter guys, right?

I'm sure taller women are used to getting approached by men shorter than them and often hear pickup lines like, "We're all the same height lying down." or "You're a tall glass of water." or even better yet, my favorite, "You're a tall tree that I'd like to climb"...*eye roll*.  More important to me than the actual occurrence is the reason behind it.  Are tall women just trophies that short men use to boost their ego?  Are taller men intimidated by women that stand closer to them in height and would rather date a smaller chick to boost their egos and make them feel like "the man"?

We've seen several cases of this in Hollywood with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, as well as, Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons

All of this ego boosting and opposites attracting is just too much.  Isn't it harder to kiss a guy if he's 6'5 and you're 5'5? Wouldn't shorter guys look better with short women and taller men better with taller women?  In a perfect world I'm sure this would be the norm, but in our society, things seem to be switched when it comes to the extreme sides of this spectrum.  So my question is, are shorter guys really more confident or are they using this lack of confidence to fuel their "Napoleon complex"?  Do taller guys shy away from taller women whom they are not able to dominate as easily as, lets say, a shorter chick?  I want the feedback from the fellas and the ladies on this one, short and tall and everywhere in between!!!! :-)

Are you a taller chick that always gets approached by shorter dudes?
As a taller man, do you prefer a woman that is much closer to you in height or much shorter?
As a shorter man, do you prefer taller chicks and why?
As a taller woman, would you prefer to date taller guys, but find that there is a shortage of taller men that are attracted to you?
As a taller woman, are you comfortable with dating a guy shorter than you?


  1. Very interesting about the short men nd tall women, but I have always felt it was true about tall men wanting to dominate when they chose much shorter partners.

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