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April 10, 2012

The Value Series by Pat Parker: Knowing Your Worth

My great friend Kenya Kirkland of Something Old, Something New Boutique in Los Angeles, as well as, the head of the Sugar Scout Couture design house, hosted a motivational series at Jessica Matlock's ByBy Studio on La Cienega.  The series featured motivational speaker, Pat Parker, and her cues for determining, developing and exercising your worth.  The series is geared towards women, who are too often met with individuals who are constantly trying to diminish their value.  Pat even explained in the beginning of her talk that people will always try to lessen your value to get more bang for their buck in any situation.  Therefore, it is up to the individual to know their value and what they bring to the table and never settle for less.

The energy in the room was dynamic and progressive.  The lowly lit studio lights were dim and votive candles played the background as Ms. Parker stepped to the front of the group at center stage.  Attendees sipped on champagne and snacked on refreshments, as the group ranged from business owners, fashion designers, writers, stylists, makeup artists, and bloggers like me.  Overall, everyone was there to hear the words that we all believed would lead to a higher state of consciousness for ourselves and our journey.

Pat started off her talk by explaining that she was once a very successeful head hunter for many of the top grossing corporations today, which afforded her a very affluent lifestyle.  However, with the demise of the economy, she soon saw herself without a job or livelihood.  After she lost her job and her savings was later depleted, she realized that she no longer knew who she was or where her value lied.  All those years acquiring materials things, climbing the corporate ladder and meeting people in high places left her with nothing of substantial value when it was all said and done.

Pat Parker then realized she had hit rock bottom, or a "plateau" as she calls it, yet was determined to live her life in her true value, that which could never be stripped from her like her fancy car and clothes from before.  Pat focused on many things throughout the lecture, highlighting key influences in determining ones personal wealth.  Statements that really stuck out to me were:

"What you survive, you will teach."
"What image have you become invested in?"
"True value is what you know for sure."
"What’s in your way? What is standing in between you and the vision of your life?"
"You need a breakthrough!"
"If you’re not in the position to reach back and help someone, that means you’re in “survival mode” and you need to reposition yourself."
"There is value in your struggles."
"Motivation + Action = Change"

The overall understanding I garnered from the series is that you must determine your own true value, for you and walk, eat and live in that value and never take less than what you are worth, no matter what the circumstances are.  Also, there is nothing standing in your way, but you, so in order to create dynamic change in your life you must reevaluate all of your personal issues and BREAKTHROUGH from struggling and surviving in order to thrive.

Pat Parker also focused on living a purpose-filled life, which lends to your true value and fulfillment.  The combination of your past struggles, failures and successes has created a unique YOU. A being that no one can be or duplicate. A being that can lend and contribute to help those enduring the same circumstances that once held you captive to your true value and purpose.  It is only through helping others, through this very purpose, do you discover your true value and become a force of help and strength instead of a force of negativity or strife.  Yet through these experiences, we learn our true purpose as children of the higher being who has blessed us with these unique gifts and experiences that make us who we are.

At the end of the segment, we all wrote down our career goals, with our names and put them in a fish bowl.  This exercise was focused on networking and supporting each other in our goals.  We were all instructed to speak to that person's goal by referring them to someone that could help them or push their dreams to the next step.

Kenya concluded the series by saying something that really touched my heart and made me truly realize what a valuable friend she was.  She said "I know where I'm going and I want all of you to be there with me".  The realization that I have some pretty cool friends with a valuable network really and truly made my weekend and I am forever greatful that she thought to include me in the series.  I look forward to the next series that she is cooking up in getting closer to KNOWING my true value.


Share your thoughts
Do you really know your true value?
Have others tried to devalue you, in order to get something from you?
Have you hit a "plateau"?
Are you fulfilled in your current position in life?
Are you struggling and surviving or thriving?
Do you need a breakthrough?
Were any of the words above helpful in your journey to discovering your true value?
Would you like to be invited to the next series?

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