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February 8, 2012

Hollywood Divorce

BornTooBlog has never really been about celeb gossip, but I can't help but piggy back on all of the divorces that are going down lately.  It seems like almost everyone is breaking up and getting divorced.  Without delving too deep in anyone's business, I wonder just what has caused these celebrity relationships to hit the brink.

For instance, we all know Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries lasted all of 72 days; no big surprise there.  Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are also going through a rough split after being married for 7 years.  Then you have Seal and Heidi Klum, whom were featured as one of the Power Couples I Love on BornTooBlog in the entertainment industry last year (, who now have a very rough road ahead of them in the divvying up of their assets and agreeing upon custody parameters.

British actor and comedian, Russell Brand and American pop star Katy Perry also decided to call it quits last month and are now working through a very public divorce.  And dare I say, Hollywood royalty Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, whom are heavily rumored to be splitting, were also featured on the Power Couples I Love post in 2011.

At this rate, will there be any Hollywood couples that will grow old together? Sure you still have seasoned actors like Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffin still hanging in there, but I am very concerned with how quick divorces are occurring, even with the couples that have been together for over a decade.  Its no secret that hollywood marriages don't seem to last too long.  My concern is that just like Hollywood influences American society to do everything else, could the Hollywood Divorce be a new trend in the lives of every day people?

I've been witness to several marriages this year and last year, of several of my peers and Lord knows its a beautiful thing, but what is it that we can pinpoint that is making these Hollywood couples divorce at an alarming rate? I really don't know the answer, but I just had to put it out there in the hopes of getting some feedback.  Do you think you know what the underlying cause is for all of these Hollywood Divorces?  Share your thoughts!

Have you ever been married?
Would you consider getting married anytime soon?
Do you believe in divorce?
What is the key to staying together?
What is one thing that you think all of these couples might be missing?

Below are pictures of the then couples that are now going through a Hollywood Divorce, in happier times:


  1. Do you believe in divorce?
    Yes, if staying together means you might kill yourself or the other person.

    What is the key to staying together?
    Being honest with one's self, and then being honesty enough with your partner to share your feelings. Communication is the key, once you start holding things in the count down to explosion starts.

    What is one thing that you think all of these couples might be missing? I find married people go so far to please the other or not to hurt the other that they loses their true self. Being single helps them be themselves again.

  2. Humans are complex creatures; we fall in and out of love often not just in intimate relationships, but hobbies, family members, and etc. What's special about the Hollywood divorce is that there is almost nothing that forces them to stay. There are many marriages that are so unhappy, I wonder why they don't divorce. They don't, however, because of societal pressures, family obligations, finances, and etc.

    The basic and most central pursuit of all human beings is to find happiness including and especially in their relationships. Eliminate the external obligations and barriers and a person will base their choices upon the satisfaction of happiness that they get from it. You will see divorce often in Hollywood because they can afford to.


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