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April 4, 2011

Is Hip Hop Ready For Homosexuality?!?!!

I was reading on this morning about how a popular DJ in NYC, DJ Mister Cee (whom I've had the pleasure of jamming to one of his spin sessions in Brooklyn, NY), was arrested for indecent exposure and lewd conduct with a Tranny (transexual).  It turns out he was receiving a BJ in public and was caught by the authorities MTO - Popular NYC DJ Mister Cee Arrested For Indecent Acts With Tranny.  Hip Hop has long been known for its homophobic lyrics.  Homophobic references can be found in countless songs and is commonly used to discredit another rapper's manhood whether he is homosexual or not.  Kanye West seems to be the only popular rapper that has stood up for gay Hip Hop lovers and urged rappers to stop making homophobic slurs and references in their rhymes TV One: Kanye Speaks Out On Homophobia.  We've all heard the rumors that have been swirling for more than a decade about how some top Hip Hop artists, managers, CEOs are actually gay and in the closet. 

Marsha Ambrosius (formerly of Floetry) recently released a video for her single Far Away off her Late Nights And Early Mornings album which has not been well received in the African American community, at least where the fellas are concerned.  The video portrays two urban male lovers and reveals the trials and tribulations that they must endure to share their love for one another in today's times.  The video ends with the two men receiving a brutal beat down for showing their affection in a neighborhood park.  I have spoken to several African American men who are very displeased with the video and have consequently wrote her and her music off. 

Now...on to my burning questions.  Is Hip Hop ready for an openly gay rapper?  Do you think a gay rapper would be accepted in the Hip Hop world?  Do you think the Hip Hop community should address this in an open forum and come to a consensus on the use of homophobic slurs in songs like how the use of the word "nigga" has been highlighted and discussed?

I would love to hear your thoughts....WEIGH IN!

Watch the video here:


  1. I won't say never but i think it would take an artist who has enough money and integrilty to survive the hit in sales, creditbility support his music will take..which means it can't be mc no-name...not starting a rumor but it would have to be someone with the status like a kanye, diddy, or a jay-z......Is Hip-Hop ready for it? No... as much as people say it doesnt matter, it does matter...hip hop's image is of the tough guy macho, thug and that will always be(despite the advent of skinny jeans and some feminine dances)...

    However, hip hop fans need to understand....just because no one has come out as a Homosexual, doesnt mean its a 100% straight males industry....anyone who doesnt believe your favorite rapper could be gay, has an extremely naive belief

    as far as the slurs of F word vs N word, a lifestyle choice is different than having no choice in being a color, so the slur on gay dudes is not seen as bad cus thats choice and again hip-hop's tough guy image won't allow it ...there is a double standard between lesbians and homosexual dudes (thats a whole blog to itself), its just one of things that just is....

  2. Ronny...I agree with you on many points. There is definitely a double standard when it comes to homosexual men and women in Hip Hop. The Hip Hop image started off on a very macho tone, but you are starting to have artists like Kanye West and Pharrell pushing the envelope fashion-wise.

    I am positive that Hip Hop is not ready, however, in light of today's political and social climate, I think it at least needs to be discussed at a Hip Hop Summit or on a vast forum.

  3. I just want to preference this statement with a clear distinction of my standings. I have no NONE what so-ever type of issue with someone's sexuality. WHo you sleep with is not my business just as that hetro-woman or man's sexual lifestyle is not my business.

    I saw this video and it was so funny the person with the remote wasnt watching and i was like WHOA HOLD UP naw PAUSE turn wtf...Why u aint tell me all that was going down..It was funny but it blind-sided me..

    Outward Homosexuality is inevitable and will made to be accepted to some extent. This people who run shit wont stay in the closet forever. We have to be tolerant.

    But its difficult its like a Gay football player....The premises of the position calls for a certain kind of man with only some established or accepted variations..

    FRUITY not bein one.....
    Now be a man and say im gay without all the extra two snaps and a kiss maybe...FOR now FOR ME CHange the channel I JUST DONT WANNA SEE IT..I saw two dogs doing it for the first time didn't like that to much either though so (SHRUGS)

  4. Sorry maya no place for zesty niggas in hip hop lol ~PLEX~


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